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Since 1997, CobbFendley has provided complete Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services for leading private and public sector clients including DOTs, toll road authorities, utility companies and various municipalities.

This scientific approach of designating and locating existing utilities produces detailed information for advanced planning and budget projections. Using nondestructive techniques, SUE engineers identify potential conflicts among the various utilities and future designs.
Additional SUE services include utility mapping at appropriate SUE Quality Levels, utility design and relocation, communication of utility data, and utility agreement preparation. SUE is an essential element in the planning process as it reduces incidents of lost service and damage caused by cut cables or damaged pipelines.

Experience and Equipment

CobbFendley's well-trained and well-equipped SUE team has completed over 1,500 SUE projects to date. As a firm with more than 36 years of utility experience, we bring to each project extensive knowledge and foresight in dealing with potential utility conflicts, utility locations, sensitive field conditions, time constraints and budget requirements.

  • Ten (10) Professional Engineers with experience in SUE and Utility Coordination
  • Eight (8) SUE crews with more than 100 years experience in locating underground utilities
  • Eight (8) vacuum excavation trucks

Example Projects: IH 30 | LBJ Managed Lanes Project | NM 313 and Roy Avenue | US 290

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